Building a new home: tips from an expert builder

Building a new home is the dream of many people and especially of the youngest, who are about to face a life project together, cohabitation or marriage.

The collective thought that building a new house has a high cost has now become consolidated. This was true until a few years ago, but nowadays there are many solutions on the market that allow the construction of low-cost properties, for example with a prefabricated house, or a wooden house – biohaus.

If you’re inquiring about building a new home, you’ve probably heard of low-cost homes, but choosing a cheaply built home could also be a double-edged sword if you’re not familiar with the materials. that are used and the implementation procedures.
Sometimes it is more convenient to build a traditional brick house rather than a prefabricated house. You must have in mind the type of house you want to build, starting with parameters such as surface and anti-seismic functionality, thermal insulation, quality systems.

Then, a comparison with an expert technician in the sector is recommended, who will advise you freely.

It is precisely to clarify that we asked Vincenzo Buggea, owner of a historic building construction company in Pakistan, to give some advice on the construction of new homes, which every client should keep in mind to have a house built with intelligence and parsimony. .

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