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Are you planning to build an ideal place to live and call your home? But wait, if you are confused about where to start, Perth Builder Directory is here to offer you our services.

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We connect you with the constructors and builders that we think the best match your requirements and help you build your dream place. You can discuss your plans with us, get quotes, and have us start the work if you are pleased with it.

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We wish to be contributors that can help you make your dreams come true. This is why we operate in Perth to assist you most effectively.

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Since our establishment, we have made numerous clients with various and diverse requirements. Add in our acquired experience over the years, and we know how to help you design your area perfectly.

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Our team is highly skilled

Our team is highly skilled and talented and uses innovation and evolving technology to make things easier. We first have a consultancy session where we list your space size, preferences, time limit, and budget. We try to understand your taste and requirements in depth.

we start by arranging plans

Only then do we start by arranging plans that cater to all these factors. Our efforts and commitment show that our existing and old clients are satisfied with our plans, which mostly require no further revisions.

After confirming these plans

After confirming these plans, we assign you the most trusted and effective builders that specialize in building places in a way that suits your requirements.

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4 things luxury homes have that ordinary homes don’t

Everyone dreams of a home that guarantees them a life of ease, comfort and everything a person could ever ask for. A beautiful, well maintained house with the latest installments and design is what makes it a luxury home. A luxury home doesn’t have to be a mansion, it is a widely spaced house that offers the owner a lifetime of comfort. These kinds of homes are usually located in a secured and renowned area. Being expensive to build or buy isn’t the only feature which distinguishes it from an ordinary home. We have sorted out four things that can easily help you to distinguish between a luxury home and an ordinary home. These are:


A kitchen is believed to be the heart of the house. If it is so, then the luxury homes have a very healthy heart. The kitchen of a luxury house has everything you can imagine in your dream kitchen. Luxury home builders melbourne are believed to put all their efforts into the kitchen of the house. These are mostly referred to as ‘Chef’s Kitchen’. If a luxury house has a well set, spacious and beautifully designed kitchen, most of the clients don’t even bother looking at the rooms. It has the latest range of cooking and culinary appliances. The materials used, textures and rich colors makes it a gourmet kitchen. It usually has a dirty kitchen at the back which does not disturb the appearance of the kitchen.

Master Bath

If a luxury home has a magnificent master bath, it really is a cherry on top. A master bath has a separate shower stall with the latest showers which allow you to set the water pressure or even play music while you take shower. It has a jacuzzi installed to offer you a relaxing bath. The master bathrooms have solid colors with the soothing lights. It has a minimal decoration with mirrors and wardrobes. It also has all the spa worthy products with a separate face towel.

Closet room

A closet room is your door to all the fashion choices you have ever made. It gives you the luxury of having all the clothes, bags and shoes assembled at one space. You can have it decorated and designed in your own way. It usually has sliding cupboards and drawers with mirrors. A sofa or a small table or chair is set in the middle of the room. They are of a bedroom size which makes it an attraction.


A luxurious home also has the space for you to set your own gym. It is usually carpeted with a row of machines. The front wall is covered with mirrors. Speakers are also installed in the ceiling along with chillers or air conditioners. A cinema has also become a famous feature of a luxurious home. People tend to set their basements as cinemas. Even if the house doesn’t have a basement, the luxurious rooms are so big that it is not a difficult task. A huge screen is installed with the latest speakers. A project is mostly hanging with a wall so it doesn’t get disturbed. Comfortable chairs, beanbags, and a table of snacks is in the room. A small fridge is also a common feature. This gives you a cinema-like experience in the comfort of your own house.


Tips for buying a house on paper

This choice can be very convenient for the buyer because it allows for economic savings, however it also hides numerous pitfalls.
So let’s see what you have to be careful about if you want to buy a house on paper while protecting yourself adequately.

Why is it worth buying a house on paper?
The main reason why the purchase on paper is worthwhile is precisely the economic one, since the property is not yet completed, it is possible to obtain a much lower price .

The lower cost is also due to the higher risks involved, but we will talk about this later.

At the affordable price, you must add the 4% reduced VAT for purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Usually, a payment program is established , with down payment, deadlines set at the various stages of processing (for example foundations, structures, systems, finishes), and the balance due at the signing of the final deed.

Purchasing on paper is then a decidedly flexible choice. It is possible for the buyer to ask the builder for some changes to the distribution of the interior spaces, presenting a variant to the approved project, or to prefer different finishes.

You can then choose floors, bathroom fixtures, fixtures or request a different layout of the rooms, customizing the house according to your tastes and needs.

If you have bought a house under construction and want to make some changes to the project , you can request my advice here .

In summary, choose this solution if:
• you do not have the urgency to move to your new home immediately
• you have liquidity to be paid as an advance and as a guarantee of purchase at the end of the work
• you trust the construction company that will take care of the work.

The risks of buying a house on paper
Of course, there is also a downside and buying a house on paper can hide some pitfalls.

When you buy on a project, it takes a long time before you can go and live in the house, sometimes even years.

But the most serious risk is represented by the possible bankruptcy of the constructor, or by his possible economic difficulties that can cause the delay in delivery or even the suspension of the works until a date to be decided.

Building a new home: tips from an expert builder

Building a new home is the dream of many people and especially of the youngest, who are about to face a life project together, cohabitation or marriage.

The collective thought that building a new house has a high cost has now become consolidated. This was true until a few years ago, but nowadays there are many solutions on the market that allow the construction of low-cost properties, for example with a prefabricated house, or a wooden house – biohaus.

If you’re inquiring about building a new home, you’ve probably heard of low-cost homes, but choosing a cheaply built home could also be a double-edged sword if you’re not familiar with the materials. that are used and the implementation procedures.
Sometimes it is more convenient to build a traditional brick house rather than a prefabricated house. You must have in mind the type of house you want to build, starting with parameters such as surface and anti-seismic functionality, thermal insulation, quality systems.

Then, a comparison with an expert technician in the sector is recommended, who will advise you freely.

It is precisely to clarify that we asked Vincenzo Buggea, owner of a historic building construction company in Pakistan, to give some advice on the construction of new homes, which every client should keep in mind to have a house built with intelligence and parsimony. .

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